Our Range of Piercings

When it comes to body jewellery and earrings there is no ‘one size fits all’ we are all uniquely shaped and sized. Meaning what fits one person wont necessarily sit properly and look it’s best on another. At Gypsy Blades Piercing Studio we specialise in fitting your jewellery perfectly to your individual anatomy and can always recommend styles to suit you and your aesthetic.

Piercings help us retain our individuality, we can help you with custom ear curation and projects. Now it doesn’t matter if it’s only a couple of perfectly placed tiny sparkles or two ears full of solid gold, each project that we undertake at Gypsy Blades Piercing will be done to the highest standard using Sam’s vast knowledge and expertise. Whether you are spending £20 or £200 the service you will receive will always be friendly and professional. Each and every piercing project is as individual as you and no two finished projects are ever the same.

The Process

All of our procedures are done using the best tools available to the  industry.  We operate in a studio which has been vetted and checked by the local EHO and we are currently in the process of upgrading and improving (95% already done) everything in the studio so that in the future we will be registered with The UKAPP (United Kindgdom Association of Professional Piercers) and The APP (Association of Professional Piercers). We are working hard to adhere to very strict health and safety measures to be registered with both of these regulating bodies in the very near future so watch this space.

Our procedures are carried out in our fully registered and insured studio this means that no procedures will take place anywhere other than the studio so please don’t ask.  We maintain extremely high standards in all areas of the studio including equipment, sterilisation, cleaning and jewellery which ensures we always offer a friendly service with professionalism and safety at the forefront throughout.

Piercing Aftercare

We offer a professional aftercare kit for just £15, to help you take care of your new piercing. This is available in-store, it includes a sterile saline spray to help keep your new piercing clean.

Our aftercare policy is in place to ensure our clients receive the best care following their piercing. All aftercare is given verbally after a procedure, on a pamphlet and also via an email sent automatically upon filling in a disclaimer. Aftercare of your piercing is just as important as picking the right studio and jewellery to perform the piercing. Poor aftercare is the leading cause of problems with piercings.

Brands We Stock