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Welcome to Gypsy Blades Piercing.

Huddersfield piercing studios are many however in the small town of Holmfirth Body Piercing has been non existent. I am going to change this. The closest place before was a journey into a Huddersfield Piercing studio but this is no more a necessity.  I thought  it was about  time that Holmfirth had a studio for body piercing that can provide ample choice for the average person who now adorn spectacular jewellery, and that this service was provided  without having to visit a Huddersfield piercing studio in the town centre, this is great for anybody in the Holme Valley area.

Meet The Piercer

Hi there I am Sam, and I have been a professional body piercer for 14 years now in busy town centre studios. I started out in a busy studio and made a name for myself in the Huddersfield piercing community. I have undertaken many types of custom ear piercing, including children’s ear lobe piercing, which are still in many jewellers done with jewellery which has been proven to be unpure and cause problems.

Please pop in for a chat and to acquaint yourself with me in my beautiful studio in Holmfirth and you will see that I am a body piercing professional, and I’m sure you will feel more than comfortable. I am situated on Huddersfield Road in the centre of Holmfirth just down the stairs to the side of the New Bamboo Chinese Takeaway.

About Sam

I am more than happy to assist you in deciding on the right piercing for you. If you need something discreet then I can advise of a number of ear piercing procedures which may be suitable for you.  I see a person and know instantly what would suit them. I am very passionate about piercing and the industry in which I work and I am here to reassure you that I am no rogue, I love my job and view the piercings that I have done as works of art. I will take the time to assist you and teach you how to look after your piercing correctly, so they heal and look amazing. I am here to provide you with the professional service that you need.  The piercing services I offer are body piercing, ear piercing, dermal anchor insertion and removal, piercing jewellery fitting service, and a more recent addition to my repertoire is Henna Tattoo Designs.

Anybody & everybody welcome… I do not discriminate and pride myself on doing piercings for people from all walks of life, from teenagers having their first piercing to grandmothers having new holes made as they can’t live without their dangly earrings.  I also do children’s ear piercing (3+…. Parents must be present for this procedure).

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you need any assistance.



When it comes to body jewellery and earrings there is no ‘one size fits all’ we are all uniquely shaped and sized. Meaning what fits one person wont necessarily sit properly and look it’s best on another. At Gypsy Blades Piercing Studio we specialise in fitting your jewellery perfectly to your individual anatomy and can always recommend styles to suit you and your aesthetic.

High Quality Jewellery

Here at Gypsy Blades Piercing we are extremely proud to provide you jewellery options from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of body jewellery. Our stock is constantly being renewed and updated. Whether you want simple and classic or an ornate statement piece, Sam works hard to provide a wide range of jewellery suitable for many styles, budgets and piercing placements. You are sure to find something you love. If something is outside your budget we also provide a deposit scheme to pay off in installments.

Some of The Brands We Stock


Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have!

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