1.2mm Triple Bezel Graduated Curve


Compatible with 1.2mm labrets & barbells.

Does not come with bar

Please note this piece is only available in this orientation so cannot be paired to match.
Larger stone at top and graduating down to the small stone for the left ear. the graduation will travel upwards on the right ear.

Various colours available please double check your options before purchasing.


Additional information


White (Clear), Purple Opal – Purple – Clear, Purple- Topaz- Champagne, White Opal – Clear – White Opal, Blue Opal – Green – Blue, Pink – Angel Pink Opal – Clear, Fuschia – Rose Pink – Clear, Baby Blue – Baby Pink- Clear, Lilac – Baby Blue – Baby Pink, Pink Opal – Pink – Clear, White Opal – Baby Pink – Clear

Anodised ?

Standard High polish, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Bright Purple, Copper, Yellow, Green, Blurple (Blue-Purple), Copper Rose, Ice Blue, Deep Purple


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